Board of Directors

Left to right: Jeff Goldsmith, Jessica Rostad, Richard Sprague, Craig Smith, Matt Schlecht & Tony Klamm. Not pictured: Keith Collier, Scot DuPuis, Charlie Grigg, Jason Hurst & Brandon Wright

Worldwide is a Member-owned, Member-directed cooperative. With your membership, you become a voting member. Worldwide is governed by an elected Board of Directors who are current members of Worldwide.

While each member has individual needs, the co-op’s job is to identify common areas where an impact can be made. The collective power of the group is to bring strength to the individual. 

The reason most independent retailers join a buying group is to benefit from the increased buying power. The reason independent retailers prefer to join Worldwide is that Worldwide is all about its members!

Cooperation is the key to overcoming most challenges.

Become A Member

Join forces with other retailers to improve profitability.

Worldwide is a growing network of retail partners.